Dispensary Opening Hours

Hamstreet Surgery

We are open for the dispensing of prescriptions Mon, Wed, Thurs and Fri from 08:00 – 18:30 and Tues from 08:00 - 19:45.

The dispensary phone lines are available Mon-Fri between 09:00 - 15:00 only.

Aldington Post Office - Roman Rd, Aldington TN25 7DA

Aldington residents can arrange for repeat prescriptions to be collected from Aldington Post Office on Wednesdays between 11:00 – 11:30.  

Appledore Village Hall - Appledore TN26 2AE

Appledore residents can arrange for repeat prescriptions to be collected from the Village Hall on Tuesdays between 10:15 - 10:45.

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Extended Opening Hours

The Dispensary will be open every Tuesday from 08.00 - 19.45 for the collection of medications.

Patients living more than one mile from a chemist may obtain all their medicines from the surgery.

If you live within a mile of the nearest chemist, then you must take a signed prescription to a chemist for dispensing.

Repeat Prescriptions


Please make sure you are not due for a medication review before requesting your repeat medications. If you are, please contact reception to arrange an appointment with the doctor or nurse before proceeding with your medication request.

We require three full working days to process a repeat prescription request, this includes private prescriptions.  It is not always possible to issue an emergency supply of medication at short notice.

We ask patients to refrain from calling us to see if their prescription is ready, all prescriptions will be ready for collection after the aforementioned three working days.

If it is more convenient to collect your prescription from Appledore Village Hall or Aldington Post Office, please indicate this when ordering. Please find the details for this service above.

All prescriptions are issued for 28 day supply only, as per our prescribing policy.

Ordering Repeat Prescriptions

To make this service as accessible and simple as possible for our patients, we accept repeat prescription requests via the following methods:

In-Person / Post

All patients receiving regular medication will be given a printout of their repeat medication, otherwise known as a 'repeat slip'. Drop this repeat slip into the surgery, or send it by post, ensuring you clearly indicate the items you require.
Online Order online using the link at the top of this page.

Download the NHS app today. It's a quick and simple way to order your repeat medications. If you hit a snag, you can go to the "Help" in the top right hand corner of the app or visit the NHS Digital Support Centre.

Please note: you will need photographic ID to register.
Click here for more information.

Please do not try to order by any way other than those outlined above. The need to have your request in writing is to protect all parties. Patient confidentiality is paramount and conversations over the counter/telephone are not secure.

Please be aware that as of the 1st September 2024 the email function will no longer be accepting repeat prescription requests.

Important Notices

Disposal of Yellow Sharps Boxes

Ashford  Borough Council have notified us that they have stopped accepting sharps boxes at the Gateway and Civic Centre. They are directing anyone who brings them in to them to sign-up for home collection instead. 

Collections can be booked regularly (such as monthly) or just as and when required by the patient.

Website: ABC's website 

Telephone: 01233 331111

Please note: We cannot accept sharps bins at the surgery.

Medications for Flying

We will no longer be providing Diazepam or similar drugs for flight anxiety. 

'Flight anxiety does not come under the remit of General Medical Services as defined in the GP contract and so we are not obliged to prescribe for this. 

Patients who still wish to take Benzodiazepines for flight anxiety are advised to consult with a private GP or travel clinic.'

Click here for more information.

Prescription Fees

Help with NHS Prescription Costs

In England, around 90% of prescription items are dispensed free. This includes exemptions from charging those on low incomes, such as:

  • those on specific benefits or through the NHS Low Income Scheme
  • those who are age exempt
  • those with certain medical conditions

NHS Prescription Charges

Prescription (per item) £9.90
3 month PPC* £32.05
12 month PPC* £114.50
HRT PPC** £19.80

These charges apply in England only.


Pre-Payment Certificates (PPC)

*If you have multiple prescriptions, you may find it cheaper to buy a Pre-Payment Certificate (PPC).

HRT Pre-Payment Certificate

**From 1 April 2023, patients will be able to purchase an annual Hormone Replacement Therapy prescription prepayment certificate (HRT PPC). Click here for more information.


Hospital Prescriptions

You should not bring us prescriptions issued by hospital outpatient clinics. It is often not possible for us to issue these prescriptions without the accompanying clinic letter which the hospital may not send to us until a few weeks later.

Please take these prescriptions to the hospital pharmacy as you should have been advised at the hospital.

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Private Prescriptions

If you have been given a private prescription by your healthcare professional, you can have this dispensed at a pharmacy of your choice.
A private prescription is normally written on letter headed paper and has all the information about the medicine and how you need to take it. The pharmacy will inform you how much they will charge you to provide the prescription. The pharmacy has to keep the private prescription for their records once your medicine has been dispensed.

Click here for more information on prescriptions issued after a private consultation

Medication Reviews & Monitoring

Medication Reviews

What is a medication review?

You might see a note on your repeat prescription slip telling you that you are due a medication review.  This is an opportunity for our healthcare professionals to check that the medication you take is still the best treatment for your condition and that you have had the appropriate monitoring and health checks for your condition.

Appointments can be booked with our GPs, or a Nurse in some cases. If you have been taking the same medication and your condition is stable it may be sufficient to conduct your medication review as a telephone consultation.

How often do I need a medication review?

These reviews are generally required annually. If you have started new medications, or the dosage has been changed, you may require more regular reviews.

How do I book my medication review?

Please contact the surgery by phoning 01233 720190 and select option 1. Our reception team will arrange your review with the most appropriate clinician. 

Medication Monitoring

Some medications require regular monitoring. This may include blood tests, blood pressure and weight checks. Upon commencing any medication, the prescribing clinician should provide clear advice about the monitoring required.

If you do not complete the agreed monitoring for your medications, you may only receive a 14 day supply of your medications until this is completed. 

Shared Care Protocol

We prescribe certain medications on what is known as "shared-care prescribing"  (examples include Methotrexate, Azathioprine, Ciclosporin). The patient remains under the care of the hospital specialist but the prescription is issued by the GP. Some drugs issued under shared-care require regular monitoring of blood tests to ensure they are prescribed safely. If the patient is having their blood test monitoring done at the hospital, the GPs at Hamstreet Surgery reserve the right not to issue the prescription until they have up-to-date copies of the blood test results. It is the patient’s responsibility to make sure that we are receiving copies of their blood results.

Understanding Our Prescribing Policies & Procedures

Why did the doctor not issue my prescription?

Sometimes the GP will not issue a request for a prescription and will ask you to arrange a telephone or face-to-face consultation instead.

Common reasons include:

  • You have requested a medication that has never been given to you before by this surgery.
  • You have requested your repeat prescription too soon. The GP might be concerned that you are taking your tablets too often and that they are running out early.
  • You have requested an item which is not usually given as a repeat prescription (such as antibiotics or steroid creams).
  • You have not been seen by the GP or nurse for a while and you need to have routine monitoring and health checks before we can safely issue your prescription.
  • You gave us a handwritten prescription from a hospital which you were supposed to take to the hospital pharmacy.

Practice Prescribing Policy

The GPs at Hamstreet Surgery believe that providing the best possible care to our patients is our top priority. When a prescription is necessary, our main considerations are effectiveness and safety. We would never let cost come before patient care but at the same time we try to provide the best value to the NHS by prescribing from an approved list of medications which meet these considerations.

This list is known as a formulary and we are sometimes asked by a hospital doctor to prescribe medications which are either restricted to the local hospital formulary or are not on either the local hospital or GP formulary. It is not always possible to prescribe these medications but when these situations arise, we will seek advice from the Ashford Medicines Management Team in order to find a solution for our patients.