Practice Updates

Pressures in General Practice

We are disheartened to see rising levels of abuse being directed towards NHS staff across Kent and Medway.

We know there are frustrations with the on-going pandemic, and those with different views on the vaccine or pandemic restrictions have a right to voice them. But verbal abuse and physical intimidation against NHS staff is totally unacceptable.

General practice is open but there is very high demand which means it can be difficult for people to get through on the phones. Face to face appointments are available to those who most need them, but people will continue to be offered phone or video consultations. We are working to improve the position but please bear with us and treat staff with respect.

In terms of masks and social distancing in healthcare settings; this remains national policy across the NHS. The virus has not gone away and it is the right thing to do to continue taking precautions to limit the spread of the virus in healthcare settings. We must protect patients who may be more vulnerable and we must protect staff so they can keep delivering the essential  care that all of us may need at any time. People need to wear a mask and follow all the other guidance when visiting NHS sites, and do so without objection or abuse towards our staff.

We hope everyone will join us in taking every opportunity to thank our dedicated NHS teams for their on-going efforts in tackling the virus and addressing the delays to other services which it has caused. They do not deserve to be abused in any way.

To find out more about the actions being taken to reduce pressures in General Practice click here.